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Three employees having a meeting on the production floor

Our culture

Protecting Lives, Every Day. 

We are a world leader in wearable protective solutions, made up of over 900 talented people, in five main locations around the UK and North America. 

Our people come from a wide variety of backgrounds and work on a diverse range of products in a number of different markets. The thing we all have in common – the golden thread that binds us together – is our shared purpose: Protecting Lives. That’s something everyone in this business cares passionately about. It’s why we come to work – and it’s what motivates us, every day, to do the best work we can. 

What we do

Our #FIERCE Core Beliefs

Our core beliefs, or values, are the things that are most important to us as a business and as individuals: the behaviours we want to encourage, the standards we hold ourselves to and the characteristics we display when we’re at our best.

  • F Fearlessness
  • I Integrity
  • E Excellence
  • R Resilience
  • C Collaboration
  • E Execution

Together, these core beliefs spell FIERCE – a mnemonic that sums up how passionate we all feel about the outcome of our work. 

Hear our team talking about what our #FIERCE values mean to them

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Embracing Differences

We are committed to the fair treatment and full participation of all people. Our dedication to diversity extends to initiatives like Women in Defence UK, where we actively work to improve the gender balance. Our Balance@Avon team develop and design initiatives that supports all employees, and we are committed to becoming a menopause-friendly workplace.

Personal Development: Nurturing Talent Beyond Boundaries

We strive to provide an environment that fosters continuous growth. Our mentoring program encourages internal talent to broaden their horizons, and our Professional Development Programme supports the next generation of talent to contribute beyond their current roles.

Wellbeing: Prioritising Mental Health and Wellness

Our UK and US wellbeing programmes reinforce our commitment to supporting employees. We’re particularly proud of our Mental Health Allies network, where trained volunteers provide confidential 1:1 conversations, are familiar with our policies and procedures and ensure access to both internal and external resources.

Employee Engagement: Your Voice Matters

We highly value employee feedback. Our Culture Champions and annual Employee Opinion Survey ensure open communication, offering opportunities to provide feedback on leadership, communication, employee engagement, and culture.