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Soldier wearing a helmet

Team Wendy

We have a deep understanding of traumatic brain injury which enables us to design next generation head protection systems.

Team Wendy's portfolio is focused on:

  1. Ballistic and bump protection helmets
  2. Liner and retention systems
Soldier wearing a helmet and respirator



    The Advanced Combat Helmet Generation II (ACH GEN II) is a new lighter weight version of the U.S. military’s general issue ballistic helmet, making it more comfortable for the user to wear.


    The Next Generation Integrated Head Protection System (NG IHPS) is one of four major components of the U.S. Army’s Soldier Protection System. The NG IHPS provides lightweight and high performance head protection to U.S. soldiers.

  • EPIC

    The EPIC range features three models tailored to the needs of first responders. Leveraging advanced ballistic helmet technology, the new helmet series features lightweight high-performance material paired with our Team Wendy liner systems for premium comfort.

  • EXFIL Ballistic SL

    The EXFIL Ballistic is the general issue ballistic helmet for the Australian Defence Force, whilst the EXFIL Ballistic SL is used by elite teams and agencies around the world including LAPD and Brazilian DPF.


    The EXFIL LTP (Lightweight, Tactical, Polymer) bump helmet provides impact protection and a stable, comfortable platform for mounting night vision and other accessories.

  • SAR Backcountry

    The SAR Backcountry is the first purpose-built search and rescue helmet to provide accessory mounting capabilities while meeting key industrial and mountaineering performance standards.

  • CAM FIT Retention System

    The CAM FIT Retention System uses a micro-adjustable BOA Fit System that stabilises the weight of the helmet by distributing light, even pressure around the head.

  • ZORBIUM Action Pad (ZAP) 7-PAD NSN Liner System

    Since 2005, the ZAP 7-Pad NSN Liner System is the standard issue system authorised for use in all U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy ground combat helmets. More than seven million pad sets have been supplied since the programme’s inception.

  • EPIC Air Liner System

    The EPIC Air design utilises proven Zorbium foam technology, offering leading-edge impact protection without adversely affecting weight or heat dissipation.

  • EXFIL Maritime Liner System

    The EXFIL Maritime Liner System features sealed pads optimised to withstand routine exposure to water. The liner’s quick-drying capability helps reduce the added helmet system weight and discomfort that results from waterlogged helmet pads.

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