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Our strategy


We launched our new STAR strategy to realise our potential and deliver revenue growth, mid-teens operating margins and improved cash flow.

Jos Sclater

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Developing Our STAR strategy

To develop our STAR strategy, employees across the Group united their expertise, bringing together diverse teams in a series of workshops.

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Strengthen the fundamentals to provide a stable platform for transformation.

Strategy in action

We have moved fast to develop our new STAR strategy and took meaningful steps forward in 2023, focusing initially on strengthening the fundamentals with quick wins to build short-term momentum. This included implementing a new operating model with two Strategic Business Units (SBUs) called Avon Protection and Team Wendy.


Improve efficiency and working capital turns.

Strategy in action

The Transform point of our STAR strategy focuses on five pillars: footprint optimisation, operational excellence, commercial optimisation, functional excellence and programme management excellence. Each of these pillars presents opportunities to reduce costs, realise efficiencies and improve working capital turns. 

You can read more detail about Transform in our latest Annual Report.


Organically grow the core and scale up emerging opportunities.

Sustainability pillars

Strategy in action

In Avon Protection, we recently saw our upgraded ST54 enhanced multi-mission Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus receive certification to the NFPA 1986 Standard on Respiratory Protection Equipment for Tactical and Technical Operations, including NIOSH CBRN certification. Achieving this standard, together with the NIOSH CBRN certified FM54 respirator, reinforces our product as the top choice tactical SCBA solution for law enforcement, first responder and Special Forces user groups. In Team Wendy, the launch of the EPIC line of ballistic helmets which was the outcome of innovative synergies between our three helmet sites, showcasing the latest ballistic technology from Avon Protection Ceradyne, with exceptional head protection from Team Wendy liner and retention systems.

You can read more about Advance in our latest Annual Report.


Leverage innovation to drive further growth.

Sustainability pillars

Strategy in action

Revolutionise focuses on a longer-term horizon and we have continued to work hand in hand with our customers on research and development programmes, ensuring our products align perfectly with their unique requirements. In Avon Protection, we have funded initiatives on pioneering the next generation of filters and diving masks which will expand our underwater portfolio. In Team Wendy, we stand at the forefront of traumatic brain injury mitigation, harnessing funding to continue our vital research in this critical area.

You can read more about Revolutionise in our latest Annual Report.